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We offer a wide range of 3D printing services and products

1. Modeling Guide – 3D Printing / Contention Gutter (out casings)

2. 3D Printing Model Arcade and Half-arcade / Printing Implant Guides (excluding analogues)
implants or sockets…)

3. Digital model manufacturing – 3D printing (excluding implant analogues…)

4. 3D Printing Orthodontic Study Model / 3D Printing Model with Die

5. 3D Printing Provisional Crown Long Term (Guarantee 1 Year)

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You are a Dentist, Dental Technician or Hygienist and need 100% digital services, we are the partner for you!

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ModeLab Digital is the digital partner that provides the best dental 3D printing services in Switzerland at unseeded prices. The aim is to make the workflow 100% digital, more qualitative and more accessible.

The best judge is you tested yourself for free and without obligations!

Don’t wait any longer and make a difference by making innovative treatments.

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