We are a new startup founded in 2020 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

ModeLab Dental was created to meet the growing public demand for dental aesthetics with less complex, greener and innovative treatments.

We have just made a major evolution in terms of dentistry, with a 100% digital and 100% natural workflow.

We are a company that was created by Swiss-trained Dental Technicians who have acquired an unparalleled technical and technological know-how!

My Perfect Smile for Life


A group of dental technicians who were trying to train in Switzerland, accumulating their professional experiences had a whole new vision of the profession and then of the future of certain products and services that could offer to the population.

Expectations for dental aesthetics have increased this century. To do this, we have been doing research and development for a year and a half to provide the most technologically advanced, sustainable and respecting products on the planet. Therefore, our unique system was created by antling human development as the center of our developments.

Should having our best smile be for the most fortunate? We strongly say no, no more in 2020.

We take into account that someone who smiles more is much happier in their daily lives. Better self-confidence is essential. However, to smile one must not hide or feel uncomfortable this must be done naturally. (More than 85% of the population would like a different smile that suits them better).

The population in 2020 spends more time dealing with phones, social networks and television. This phenomenon creates an image, of an ideal world, atting famous personalities as examples. This ranges from hairdressing to fashion and then also to the field of smiles. Therefore the company wishes to have white teeth, well aligned and beautiful, this is often seen as good oral hygiene. The public has great visual expectations on their aesthetics, but also financial. As a rule, as the years go by, we take more and more care of the image we want to have and has shown. In conclusion, the public is also more informed and seeks the best value for money.

ModeLab Dental meets all the requirements of the population, your reliable and sustainable partner.


Our philosophy is to improve what nature gives us and the best value for money!
If you are offered something that does not exist elsewhere it should have a higher cost due to the funding of research and development. We don’t do anything like the others! We want our silk technique to be accessible and deployed to the maximum number of people.

First of all, we want to become the reference in our field. Subsequently, develop in various countries with local production. However, we will not seek to produce and create our services and products in countries where the workforce is more accessible! We will produce locally at local prices and continue to innovate in each country.

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